LGBTQIA+ Information and resources

About Questioning Your Sexuality or Gender Identity

If you are here because you are questioning your sexual orientation or gender identity, we have linked some resources for you:

About Coming Out

So, you have accepted your sexual orientation and/or gender identity and want to share that part of yourself with your family and friends, but you are having trouble deciding how to tell them, below are some resources on coming out:

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Websites and Organizations for LGBTQIA Community

Here is a list of organizations that provide information and/or advocate for various identities within the LGBTQPIA community along with a brief explanation of the website or organization:

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Resources for Family and Friends

Family and friends can have questions about your sexuality or gender when you first tell them, especially if they have not been around many people who identity within the LGBTQPIA community. Here are some resources you could provide them:

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