Staff and Volunteer Statement of Professional Conduct

  • Professional Obligations
    1. Respect for persons
      • Treat consumers, colleagues, and other professionals, students, and peers, with same degree of respect you wish them to show you.
      • Do not harass others physically, verbally or in writing, when referring to consumers or their illness.
      • Do not use offensive language, respect the privacy of others.
      • Do not discriminate on the basis of sex, religion, race, age, disability or sexual orientation.
    2. Respect for consumer confidentiality
      • Do not publicly identify consumers, in spoken words or in writing, without adequate justification.
      • Do not misuse electronic mail.
    3. Honesty, Integrity
      • Be truthful in verbal and written communications.
      • Acknowledge your errors of omission and commission to colleagues and consumers.
      • Do not knowingly mislead others.
      • Do not cheat, plagiarize, or otherwise act dishonestly.
      • Do not abuse privileges, e.g., making unauthorized long distant telephone calls unless work related.
    4. Awareness of limitations, professional growth
      • Be aware of your personal limitations and deficiencies in knowledge and abilities and know when and of whom to ask for supervision, assistance, or consultation.
      • Know when and for whom to provide appropriate supervision.
      • Do not engage in unsupervised involvement in areas or situations where you are not adequately trained.
      • Avoid involving consumers in your personal problems.
    5. Deportment as a professional
      • Clearly identify yourself and your professional level to consumers, staff, and at external events related to Hearts & Ears, Inc.
      • Maintain a professional composure despite the stresses of fatigue, professional pressures, or personal problems (leave personal issues at home while on the job)
      • Dress in a neat, clean, professionally appropriate manner.
    6. Avoiding conflicts of interest
      • Resolve all conflicts of interest in favor of the consumer.
      • Do not accept gifts of value from consumers, vendors or suppliers.
    7. Responsibility for peer behavior
      • Take the initiative to identify and help rehabilitate impaired staff, students, and other employees.
      • Report serious breaches of the Code of Professional Conduct to the appropriate person.
      • Indicate disapproval or seek appropriate intervention if you observe less serious breaches.
    8. Respect for property and laws
      • Do not misappropriate, destroy, damage, or misuse Hearts & Ears property.
      • Adhere to the regulations and policies of Hearts & Ears.
      • Adhere to local, state, and federal laws, regulations.
  • Professional Ideals
    1. Virtues
      • Attempt to cultivate and practice virtues, such as caring, empathy, and compassion.
    2. Conscientiousness
      • Fullfill your professional responsibilities with conscientiousness.
      • Notify the responsible supervisor if something interferes with your ability to perform your tasks effectively.
      • Learn from experience and grow from the knowledge gained by implementing a personal program of continuing education and continous quality improvement.
      • Students and volunteers should complete all assignments accurately, thoroughly, legibly, and in a timely manner.
    3. Collegiality
      • Cooperate with other members of the team in activities.
      • Be generous with your time to answer questions from colleagues, consumers, and consumers' family members.
      • Use communal resources (equipment, supplies, and funds) responsibly.